Sunday, June 16, 2019
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Knowing the Health Risks of Lead Exposure

To eliminate lead poisoning as a health threat, awareness is necessary about where lead is found, in what forms, how exposure occurs, and the toxic effects on humans.  Parents, physicians, care givers, health care providers, professionals in the renovation/remodeling business, community housing activists, and local politicians are all important audiences for this information.

About Lead

Learn about lead poisoning and the threat it poses to children.

Developing Brains Vulnerable to Lead Exposure

To date, research supports the conclusion made in 1991 that lead can adversely affect learning and behavior even at levels as less than 10mcg/dL.

Occupational Exposure

Exposure to lead in the work place can be prevented.  Parents in lead related occupations expose their child by bringing lead home on their clothes or skin.

Reproductive Health, Pregnancy & Breastfeeding

Effects of maternal lead exposure, past and present, on the fetus and information about lead in breast milk.