Sunday, June 16, 2019
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Wisconsin Lead Poisoning Information

Wisconsin has multiple strategies and partners engaged in the fight against the number one environmental health threat to children.  Links on this page will take you to resources for state-level or local assistance in preventing or treating lead poisoning, and updates on Wisconsin's plan to eliminate childhood lead poisoning by the Year 2010.


Childhood Lead Poisoning Data and Maps
  • Annual reports for local health department jurisdictions,
  • A searchable database of statistics for counties and cities,
  • Surveillance information such as time trend and risk factors for childhood lead poisoning, and
  • GIS maps for Wisconsin counties and select cities associating lead poisoning with old housing.

Eliminating Childhood Lead Poisoning by 2010

Wisconsin's plan to eliminate childhood lead poisoning by the year 2010.


The Legacy of Lead: Report on Childhood Lead Poisoning in Wisconsin 2008 provides valuable details about how we can use our current knowledge about the causes of lead poisoning, along with an understanding of the housing in our communities, to focus our efforts to eliminate childhood lead poisoning. Awarded as Wisconsin Distinguished Document.
Lead-Free/Lead-Safe Registry
Check this list of homes and apartments that have been certified as being without lead hazards.


Lead-Safe Renovation Rule Information about the Wisconsin Lead-Safe Renovation Rule and how it affects contractors and child-occupied facilities regarding renovation activity in dwellings built before 1978.
Training & Certification Steps to obtain certification in Wisconsin for performing lead hazard investigation or reduction activities.


Wisconsin Lead Poisoning Prevention Programs

Description of the programs with in the Division of Public Health that address lead poisoning in Wisconsin.


Wisconsin Resources/Links

Links to other agencies that work to prevent and treat lead poisoning.


Wisconsin Statute & Administrative Rules


Rules regarding lead exposure and lead hazards.
Wisconsin Supreme Court Decision (PDF, 378 KB) On July 15th, 2005 the Wisconsin Supreme Court issued a majority opinion reviewing a court decision concerning a Milwaukee child who sued paint manufacturers for damages from lead poisoning.


Report to Governor and the Legislature, 2005 (PDF, 7 MB) Evaluation of effectiveness of current legislation to end childhood lead poisoning with recommendations for strengthening the statutory framework.