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Oral Health- Fluoride Program at the Iron County Health Department
Tuesday, September 19, 2017
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Facts about Fluoride

  • Community water fluoridation is the most effective method of providing fluoride to infants and children for the prevention of tooth decay and for improved oral health for a lifetime.
  • Iron County families who have their own wells may have very little fluoride in their water.
  • Children drinking non-fluoridated water can protect their teeth by taking daily dietary fluoride supplement.
  • Research has shown fluoride reduces cavities by 20 - 40% in children. It can repair early stages of tooth decay and can make tooth enamel harder and more resistant to acid and bacteria.
  • Hurley & Mercer do not have fluoridated community water.


  • Be a County resident ages 6 months to 16 years
  • Submit a short application
  • Have a primary water source with little or no fluoride.  You may or may not need a water test to determine fluoride levels based on the information provided in your application. If your water needs to be tested, we will provide you with the test kit at no cost.
  • Have one brief appointment with the health department staff to pick up your fluoride drops or tablets.  After that, just call and we will send your fluoride.

How to Apply

  • Request an application from the Dr Paul Hagemann either in person or calling 715-561-3291.
  • Complete the application and return it to:
    Dr. Paul Hagemann
    210 5th Ave. N.
    Hurley, WI 54534
    Staff will contact you to review your application and begin the service.


Fluoride is only one part of  a sound dental program that includes:

  • Good oral hygiene.
  • Proper eating habits.
  • Regular dentist visits.